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What Can Cause Harm To The Male Reproductive System?

Male reproductive system is of utmost importance, in this article we detail which issues can cause serious consequences.

Male reproductive system is incredibly important, it has many functions, namely: ensuring fertility, making sure you’re on top of your game when it comes to sexual health. Most of the problems that arise are treatable, you can take some Silagra or some other ED-related pill if that’s your main cause for concern. However, some disorders can have long-lasting, serious consequences. Here are a few things that can cause serious harm to the male reproductive system.


That’s the most common one. Everybody seemingly loves to have a drink or two in their free time. There’s nothing too bad about alcohol consumption in moderation, per se, but your body might not take to it all that well. You never know. According to the recent studies, along with many other harmful effects, alcohol can affect the reproductive system by lessening your testosterone levels. If you’re being drinking alcoholic beverage for a long time, your testicles can shrink which, in turn, leads to infertility, ED and the decrease of secondary sexual characteristics. The examples of the latter: chest enlargement, less facial and chest hair and a shift in fat distribution (giving you “womanly” hips).


Infections are most common in the testicular/scrotum area. For one reason or another, many men tend to ignore burning sensation and pain in that area, making things worse for themselves. Among the most common infections are: orchitis and prostatitis. These two strongly affect male reproductive system and can lead to infertility.


Unfortunately enough, some harm to the male reproductive system is natural, it’s related to aging and all the changes that happen in male sexual functioning. Here are a few changes that happen as men age:

  • Decrease in sensitivity of the penis;
  • Considerably less fluid released during ejaculation;
  • Next to zero forewarning of ejaculation;
  • Ejaculation-less orgasms;
  • After the climax, penis almost instantly becomes limp;
  • Recovery period is longer.


According to the recent data, prostate cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer among men. The root cause is still unclear, but many studies suggest that changes in gene function (age-related) affect the risk of prostate cancer in a significant way.

How Lack Of Sex Affects Your Marriage

We all know that at the beginning of a relationship or marriage, the emotion and lust run wild. Your love is stronger than ever and you can enjoy your partner’s company around the clock. However, time takes a toll on the novelty of marriage.

There are many reasons for a previously passionate marriage to become sexless and stale: boredom, monotony, and aging. You can talk at length about every single one of them, but that would be pointless. Instead, we will try to focus on ways how to improve your sex life.

If You’re The One Being Rejected

It’s a tough pill to swallow, we have all been there. You shouldn’t get too upset because of the fact, however. Your partner doesn’t mean any malice by the rejection: he/she doesn’t use this as a way to say “I’m not attracted to you, go away.” There are many ways you can help the situation. You can make sure that intercourse itself is really pleasurable for the partner; make some healthier life choices; pay attention to foreplay. The last but not the least – stay/be confident. Lack of confidence has to be the biggest turn off for both men and women.

If You’re The One Rejecting

Many studies show that not only the quality but also the quantity of sex strongly influence the happiness and commitment in marriage. If you reject your SO’s advances on a regular basis, it can mess with their self-esteem. They will eventually end up feeling unwanted and unloved. These feelings, in turn, build resentment and create distance between the two of you. The best thing you can do in this situation is to find a key reason why you’re not “in the mood”. For some older women (30+), it’s the different brain chemistry, that one is easily solvable with, say, Sildenafil for women or any other “libido” pill. If you feel that the issue runs deeper than that, i.e. the aforementioned boredom or monotony – you should either make adjustments to your lifestyle or seek some professional help.

Either way, the communication is key. If you have been together for a while now, there shouldn’t be any secrets between you. You should be able to talk openly about anything. Even if it’s the worst-case scenario (you are NOT attracted to your partner anymore), you should try to make your spouse understand your point of view.

Diet Tips For Men Over 50 And Foods That Keep You Sexually Active

A good diet is a key to everything. People frequently overlook a healthy diet and underestimate its importance when it comes to one’s well-being. There’s a common saying frequently repeated by the people who try to lose weight or get in shape: you cannot out-exercise a bad diet. That rings very true, there’s a solid scientific base behind that claim.

Even if you’re not trying to lose weight, it’s really important to stick to a good diet. Especially if you are past the age of 50. Around 30-ish, our metabolism slowly begins to decline and we have to be very selective about the foods we eat. Obviously, there’s less room for sweet foods and soft drinks. They taste amazing, but you’re better off with them. Unless you want to struggle with high blood pressure, heart issues, and type two diabetes for the rest of your life. Instead, let’s take a look at the foods that you absolutely SHOULD eat past the age of 50.

Helpful Diet Tips For Men Over 50

One important thing to keep in mind: as you age, you require less calories to maintain your weight. According to the studies, men over the age of 50 need approximately 2.500 calories if they are active (walk >3 miles/day), 2.300 if they are moderately active (walk from 1.5 to 3 miles a day) and about 2.000 calories if they are not active (less than 1.5 miles a day).

Now let’s go over the top three foods that you should eat to stay strong and healthy:

  • Recent research suggests that beans can lower your bad cholesterol level by about five percent.
  • We all know that the risk for heart disease increases dramatically once a male reaches the age of 50. Eating oats will help reduce the LDL cholesterol level by up to ten percent.
  • Recent study from Spain showed that eating nuts can decrease the risk of heart decrease by almost thirty percent.

Foods To Keep You Sexually Active

Not everyone is willing to pop a generic Cialis 20mg pill and get ready to go all night long. Some people prefer a more “natural” approach, they don’t want to rely on pills all too much. Here are three foods that will keep you sexually active!

  • Has similar effects to the ED medications on your blood vessels.
  • These delicious treats jack up your testosterone levels like no other.
  • Many people overlook it because of the strong smell, but it does wonders for your arteries.

Bonus round: Coffee. Yeah, a morning cup of coffee rejuvenates your love life. Studies show that men who drink 2-3 cups a day are less likely to suffer from ED.

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